Well, your villainous deeds have caught up with ya. You've swindled a hefty scrap of gold from the notorious outlaw Marvin Kent and his Black Squirrel Gang. The jig is up and the gang of bandits have captured you and your crew. Showing no mercy, Kent's men have locked you in the old abandoned Sheep's City Tavern and rigged the dilapidated building with enough dynamite to level the entire ghost town. With no one to hear your screams, you and your team will have to work together to defuse the explosives and get out or else you may become a permanent citizen of the ghost town. 


Now, as the tale is told, the proprietor of this exact ghost tavern was a man of many secrets. They called him Shadow. Wanted for robbery, murder, and miraculously escaping from the local jail, he became a legend for slipping through the law's fingers and disappearing forever. Stories say though, he never left this here tavern and haunts it to this day. Careful ya don't run into Ol' Shadow while trying to get out of this mess or ya might never see the light again. But maybe some of Ol' Shadow's secrets can help you find a way out. That is... if you can find any... 


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