Test your teamwork and creative thinking skills as you try to beat the clock and solve the puzzle in 60 minutes! Our rooms are not just filled with a few themed objects, but instead feel like you have stepped onto a movie set. You will see, touch, hear, and even smell your way through a fully immersive themed room. Our “directors” will give you all the tools you need and even make sure you look the part. Now it is up to you and your co-stars to work together and see if you can deem these puzzles . . . CRACKED! 


You will need to arrive 15 minutes before you are scheduled to appear “on set”. You will be asked to sign a liability form and then our directors will help you look the part. You and your co-stars will then get a quick debrief from your director and they will answer any questions before your time starts. You will have 60 minutes to crack the puzzle and escape.


Cracked Escape is Kent’s first-ever fully immersive, escape room. Once you and your team are locked in, you will be tasked with finding clues, completing tasks and using elements of the room to escape within exactly one hour.


Challenge yourself with three different levels of difficulty for each of our Live Action Puzzle Rooms.  If you complete any of the rooms through the “Difficult” level, you will be put on our leader board for that room. If you remain at the top of that leader board for the life of that room (Typically 2-6 months) you will receive a grand prize. If you complete any of the rooms through the “Normal” level you will also qualify for our leader board. Otherwise, enjoy our Live Action Puzzle Rooms through the “Easy” level. 

Difficult Level

No clues needed

Normal Level

You received 1 - 3 clues

Easy Level

You received 4 - 6 clues

Every group will begin at the “difficult” level and can chose to ask for more clues while in the room. The total number of clues that your team receives at the end of the 60 minutes determines the level you have completed the room in.