Cracked Escape is Kent, Ohio's first-ever fully immersive, escape room. Once you and your team are locked in, you will be tasked with finding clues, completing tasks and using elements of the room to escape within exactly one hour. It is up to you and your team to work together and see if you can deem these puzzles . . . CRACKED!


Escape Rooms Kent Ohio


It is 1 hour until the greatest show on earth and disaster has struck. The ringmaster is missing and there is no one to lead the show. 


The large crowd within the main tent is sure to become an angry mob if the show does not go on, so you and your fellow carnies must replace the ringmaster with one of your own. It’s chaos Under the Big Top and it is up to you to save the show!

Escape Rooms Kent Ohio


Well, your villainous deeds have caught up with ya. The notorious outlaw, Marvin Kent, has locked you and your crew in the old abandoned Tree City Tavern and rigged the dilapidated building with enough dynamite to level the entire ghost town. 


With no one to hear your screams, you and your team will have to work together to defuse the explosives and get out or else you may become a permanent citizen of the ghost town.